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Louisiana Gambling On the city on background

America’s Finest — Best Louisiana Gambling Cities

The state of Louisiana is famous for many things. The first ever opera in the USA was opened precisely in this state, but more importantly, it used to belong to France a long time ago. Its original name was ‘La Louisiane,’ which means the Land of Louis when translated to English. However, there is one more thing Louisiana is held accountable for, and that is legalizing gambling.

Moreover, Louisiana was the fourth state to legalize gambling within its borders. The other three were Mississippi, Ohio, and Missouri. What’s even more ingenious is the way in which these states managed to legalize casinos in order to work around the constitution. They established the famous riverboat casinos — which are basically casinos that operate on water.

In 1992, the State of Louisiana allowed one land-based casino, located in New Orleans. So even though most of the USA states are not so big on gambling even today, Louisiana doesn’t have this problem. Moreover, it has one of the largest gaming industries in The States, hence why Louisiana is on par with Nevada.

Which Cities Should You Head To

There are a couple of famous Louisiana casinos spread across a couple of different cities that any gambler should visit. These casino resorts are all recognized for different things, and unlike the ones in Las Vegas, these casinos often specialize in only one type of games. For a fantastic and versatile experience, here are the places you shouldn’t miss;

  • Bossier City
  • New Orleans
  • Lake Charles
  • Kinder
  • Vinton
  • Shreveport

Some of these locations are still small towns, but they decided to open casinos or casino hotels in order to attract more tourists. And believe it or not, it worked. Even though some of these towns have less than 5,000 residents, tourists often nearly triple this number during the season. So the question is — are these Louisiana gambling cities good enough to steal attention from Nevada and Las Vegas? Believe it or not, yes they are. It is evident that Sin City takes the title of the gambling capital, but even that can get boring. Where do you go once you’ve had enough of Las Vegas? Perhaps the answer lies in one of the Louisiana casinos. Additionally, you will find a couple of casinos at Lake Charles, which offer a completely new experience to gamblers.

Margaritaville Resort

This casino hotel is located in Bossier City, and it is very bougie — something many visitors claim nearly every day. If you visit this Louisiana gambling place that offers nearly everything one could wish for, you won’t be disappointed. The building comes with a hotel, a casino, and an incredible restaurant. Plus, it’s located in an excellent area, so even if you get tired of all the gambling, you can always go out and get to know the surroundings. Additionally, Margaritaville casino always makes sure that gaming machines are fresh and pay out well. As for the slot machines, all of them are quite enjoyable — or so many visitors claim.

Boomtown Casino Hotel

The Boomtown Casino Hotel is also located in Bossier City, and it is one of the most reputable Louisiana gambling places as well. Boomtown Casino is smaller than Margaritaville, but it still offers a fantastic restaurant and casino. For the greatest part, the visitors adore the cuisine here — and the payouts in the casino are quite rewarding. The staff is usually helpful and polite, which always makes you want to come back. The location of Boomtown is also outstanding, so you will have the opportunity to explore the many charms of Bossier City.

Harrah’s Casino

Next to the casinos located in Bossier, New Orleans also has some great betting places to offer. In the end, you don’t need me to preach about how New Orleans is a marvelous city loved by many Americans. Visitors often compare Harrah’s with Las Vegas casinos, and the reason behind it is legitimate — the payouts are out of this world. Nearly every visitor claims to have left the resort with pockets full of money. Additionally, the staff provides their guests with royal treatment, and the food is terrific. Also, if all of this fails to impress you, remember that you’re in New Orleans — there is absolutely no reason to stay in the hotel all day. This city has a lot to offer to an excited gambler — it never disappoints.

Golden Nugget Casino

This is one of the Louisiana casinos by Lake Charles, hence why so many people love coming here. The casino has it all — it looks exquisite, it pays out very well, and it’s packed with gamblers. If you put all of this together, you get a casino that serves an amazing atmosphere that you thought you could only witness in Las Vegas. The food is fantastic, the staff is exceptionally polite, and the surroundings are heavenly. If you’re a family person, Lake Charles offers everything your family might need. Your kids and partner will love it — so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t visit it.

What About the Regulations?

Although it is one of the rare states fond of gambling, Louisiana still tightly regulates the industry. For example, casinos in Shreveport need to pay out a minimum of 80%, and a maximum of 99% to gamblers. Otherwise, they are breaking the law. Moreover, the legal gambling age for Louisiana’s gambling places is 21, just like everywhere else in America. However, for parimutuel betting, the minimum gambling age is 18. Finally, for the video gaming machines such as slots, the maximum payout is 94% RTP (Return to Player).

Note that if you win anything over $1,200 in one of the Louisiana casinos, the state will withhold 6% of your winnings. This money goes to the Louisiana Department of Revenue. Although, you can try and refund that money by filing a state income tax return — but there are no guarantees you’ll make it.

Does This Make You Want to Visit Louisiana?

With so many Louisiana gambling cities to explore, I believe you ran out of reasons not to have a road trip to this state. Most of the time, the weather is fantastic, and the residents are among the most welcoming ones in the US. To an avid gambler, Louisiana is the place to be. Have a safe trip!

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